Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sargeant Museum - Louisa County Historical Society

Every once in a while in our travels we come across a gem like the Sargeant Museum. We discovered the museum in Louisa, VA as part of our search for the Battle of Trevilian Station site.

The museum is located in a two-story house that formerly served as the residence for the J. Frank Sargeant and W. A. Claude Pettit, Jr. families. The home was turned over to the Louisa County Historical Society to create a county museum. They have certainly succeeded in their efforts. The museum deals with six basic themes including the Civil War. The historical society has done a splendid job and Civil War enthusiasts should include a stop in Louisa.

The museum is also the visitor center for the Battle of Trevilian Station. The battle, which is sometimes called Custer's First Last Stand, took place on July 11-12, 1864. It is considered the largest all cavalry battle of the war. It matched General Philip Sheridan's Union forces (8,000 men) against General Wade Hampton's Confederates (5,000 men). The Battle of Trevilian Station Foundation developed a driving tour of the battle with excellent roadside signs.

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