Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Citadel Cadets Fire First Shots in Civil War

The Civil War started on January 9, 1861 when Cadets from The Citadel fired on the Union steam-powered supply ship, Star of the West. Cannon fire from the Cadets on Morris Island and batteries at Fort Moultrie forced the Star of the West to abandon her mission to resupply Major Robert Anderson's garrison at Fort Sumter. The Star of the West was given a warning shot across her bow, turned around and left the mouth of the harbor. She was hit three times and returned to her home port of New York Harbor.

The Star of the West Medal is awarded annually to the "best drilled cadet" at The Citadel. Each medal awarded has a small piece of wood salvaged from the original Star of the West ship. Please see Recognizing the 149th anniversary of the "Star of the West."

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