Friday, March 25, 2011

Civil War Sesquicentennial Lecture Series

During the next five years, I will be presenting a series of lectures as part of the SAIL program at Collin College's Civil War Sesquicentennial Lecture Series.  The eleven class program will cover the events from Lincoln's election to Booth's capture.   The lectures will use PowerPoint slides with personal photographs, internet animations, and videos.

Last Picture of Lincoln
 From Springfield to Fort Sumter
The class will trace the events from Lincoln's election to the Union response to the capture of Fort Sumter. (1 session - Summer 2011)

Battle of Wilson's Creek

The Major Civil War Battles of 1861
The class will discuss the battles at Manassas (First Bull Run), VA on July 21, 1861 and Wilson's Creek, MO on August 10, 1861. (2 session - Fall 2011)

Battle of Fort Donelson
 The Major Civil War Battles in Spring of 1862
The class will discuss the battles at Fort Donelson, TN (February 11-16, 1862), New Madrid/Island No. 10, MO (February 28-April 8, 1862), Shiloh, TN (April 6-7, 1862), Glorieta Pass, NM (March 26-28, 1862), Forts Jackson and St. Philip, LA (April 16-28, 1862), and Pea Ridge, AR (March 7-8, 1862). (5 sessions - Spring 2012)

Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign
The class will cover Jackson's Shenandoah Valley Campaign from March through May. The battles discussed will include Kernstown I, Winchester I, Cross Keys, Port Republic, and Front Royal. (2 sessions - Spring 2012)

Battle of Malvern Hill
The Peninsular Campaign
The Peninsular Campaign, which includes the Seven Days Battles, was a contest between General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and General George McClellan's Army of the Potomac. The campaign includes Hampton Roads, Gaines' Mill, and Malvern Hill. (3 sessions - Fall 2012)

Battle of Antietam
 The Major Civil War Battles in Fall 1862
The class will discuss the battles at Manassas (Second Bull Run) (August 28-30, 1862), Antietam, MD - September 16-18, 1862, Fredericksburg, VA (December 11-15, 1862) and Stones River, TN (December 31, 1862-January 2, 1863). (4 sessions - Fall 2012)

Battle of Vicksburg

Civil War Battles in Spring 1863
This class will discuss two of the major Union victories in the Civil War: Vicksburg and Gettysburg. The battles covered include Lee's brilliant victory at Chancellorsville, VA (April 27-May 4, 1863), Grant's Vicksburg Campaign, and Port Hudson (May 21-July 9, 1863).  (5 sessions - Spring 2013)

Battles of Chattanooga
 Civil War Battles in Fall 1863
The battles near Chattanooga marked Grant's transition from the Western to Eastern theater of war. The class will cover Chickamauga, GA (September 18-20, 1863) and Chattanooga, TN (November 23-25, 1863).  (2 sessions - Fall 2013)

Battleof the Wilderness
Civil War Battles in Spring/Summer 1864
Grant moves east and engages Lee's Army of Northern Virginia in a series of battles in the Overland Campaign. Among the battles discussed will be the Wilderness, VA (May 5-7, 1864), Spotsylvania Court House, VA (May 8-21, 1864), and Cold Harbor, VA (June 3-12, 1864). (3 sessions - Spring 2014)

Civil War Battles in Fall 1864
This class will focus on Sheridan's Valley Campaign including the battles of Opequon, VA (September 19, 1864) and Cedar Creek, VA (October 19, 1864) and Hood's disastrous Franklin-Nashville Campaign including the battles of Franklin, TN (November 30, 1864) and Nashville, TN (December 15-16, 1864).
(2 sessions - Fall 2014)

April 1865
This class will trace the last days of the Civil War using Jay Winik's book, April 1865. The class will cover each day of the war during that historic month including the collapse of Confederate defenses around Petersburg, the flight of the Confederate government from Richmond, Lee's desperate retreat to and surrender at Appomattox Court House, Lincoln's assassination, and Booth's capture. (2 sessions - Spring 2015)

Copies of the lectures will be available on

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cotton Prices Double

Higher demand, reduced supplies, and tight cotton stocks have driven cotton prices to over $2/pound in March. Last July prices were 80 cents/pound.  The $2/pound erased the longstanding record of $1.89/pound that was set during the Civil War. 
Before the Civil War, cotton sold for 10 cents/pound in 1860.  The Union "boycott" of Confederate ports forced prices to rise to $1.89/pound in 1863 and 1864.  In real dollar (adjusted for inflation) terms the Civil war price would be around $30/pound in today's dollars.
Pictures are from the South Carolina Cotton Museum in Bishopville.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Civil War Sesquicentennial

With the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War upon us, we decided to compile a list of 150 places you should see over the next five years. You can view the list by clicking on the link Sesquicentennial 150.   Please contact us if we have missed your sesquicentennial event.

The list contains suggestions on how you can celebrate the 150th Anniversary with events for 2011 to 2015.  The list contains battlefields, museums, reenactments, and driving and walking tours.   You can download the list as pdf file.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First United States Infantry

I attended the North Texas Irish Festival on March 5th and was surprised to find representatives from several Civil War reenactment groups.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans had a booth.  However, what I found surprising was a reenactment group representing Union soldiers --- the First United States Infantry. The organization does not represent an actual military unit, but represents "a unit of the United States Regular Army who were career soldiers and 'Guardians of the Frontier.' "  

Some 2,000 Texans joined the Union Army.  The most notable was Edmund Davis who would become governor of Texas.  Davis was commander of the 1st Texas Cavalry and rose to the rank of brigadier general. Read about the formation of the Texas National Guard.

Also check out the Union Soldier Statue and Memorial in Denison, TX.

I would be interested in any other information on Union Army units with Texans.

Friday, March 4, 2011

3-D Civil War Photos

I just learned about two new books that would be great additions to any Civil War library.  The first in Lincoln in 3-D by John Richter and the second is Gettysburg in 3-D by Greg Dinkins.  Please check them out at the following links:

Please visit Civil War Photography to learn more.