Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Charleston Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Charleston magazine celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War with "A Civil Discourse."  The article has commentaries from "noted historians, authors, and educators" on what the anniversary means to them and to the Charleston community.  The following are among some of the observations:

"I hope that over the next four years, we Americans use the events of the Civil War to investigate our current social, political, and economic climate" --- Dr. Patricia Williams Lesane, Executive Director of the Avery Research Center

"The sesquicentennial is not merely a look into the past.  More importantly, it shows us who were are [sic], and it dramatizes how far we've traveled together."  --- Glenn McConnell, South Carolina Senate president pro tempore

"The next time you hear someone proclaim that secession was about state's rights, not slavery, ask what right it was that the seceding states were so anxious to protect." --- Gordon C. Rhea, attorney, historian, and author  [I've been telling people this for some time.  Perhaps it time that the state's rights argument in put to rest forever.]

(Source: "A Civil Discourse," Charleston Magazine, April 2011, pp.67-73. Also visit them on the web at

Also check out the article, "Stamp Act," by Margaret Allen.  The photos of Fort Sumter are from our collection on  Unfortunately, Ms. Allen didn't give us the photo credits.  

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Suzan said...

I'm blogging/writing in the daily jounal entries for John Lester of the 59th Volunteer Indiana Infantry. It seems that the 59th marched to Corinth, Miss. in May 1862, and stayed in the area for the month of May.