Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ken Burn's Favorite Civil War Sites

USA Weekend featured an article by Ken Burns with his top ten Civil War locations. 

The following sites should be at the beginning of any Civil War buff's bucket list.  I have added my own comments in brackets. The links are to pages on Civil War Journeys where you can find out additional information.

  1. Fort Sumter, SC [A great place to begin.  While there visit Ft. Moultrie and Charleston's other historic sites]
  2. First Battle of Bull Run, Manassas, VA [Tour the First Battle in the morning and Second Bull Run in the afternoon.  Watch out for traffic.]
  3. Shiloh, TN - [One of my favorite battles.  I would start at Ft. Donelson, TN, then go to Shiloh, and end at Corinth, MS]
  4. Anietam, MD - [A great battlefield to tour]
  5. Fredericksburg, VA - [Be sure to see the other aspects of the battlefield, not just Maryre's Heights next to the visitor center.  Drive down Lee Drive and visit the Slaughter Pen Farm]
  6. Gettysburg, PA - [Granddaddy of them all. Plan on several days at this battlefield including a stop at the new visitor center] 
  7. Vicksburg, MS - [The only way to see this battlefield is with a guide.  Also stop and see the USS Cairo.]
  8. Chattanooga, TN - [Not on my top ten list, but a nice battlefield to tour.]
  9. Petersburg, VA - [Also see the sites in the Richmond vacinity.]
  10. Appomattox Court House, VA - [Take the road tour from Petersburg to Appomattox.  Make sure that you have a co-pilot.  Get the audio tape in Petersburg.] 
Before you start, visit the following links to make your trip more enjoyable: Guide to Touring Civil War Battlefields and Battlefield Road Trips.

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