Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monuments at Alatoona Pass

Mississippi Monument
In October 2007, I met two gentlemen who were in the process of erecting a monument to Confederate soldiers who fought in the Battle of Allatoona Pass.  I was quickly recruited to take pictures of the event for the local paper. Gary Wehner told me he would keep in touch with his project to place other monuments at the site.

Therefore, it was with great pleasure that this week's mail brought a letter from "Captain" Gary Wehner of Company F of the 5th Missouri.  Captain Wehner reported that it appears that monuments from all eleven states represented at the battle will be in place in time for the 150th anniversary on  October 5, 2014.  The states of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Louisiana have formed committees for the project. 

On the Union side, units from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin fought in the battle.  Confederate states represented include Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas.  For more information, please see the Order of Battle.

In the next few years, Gary will be joined by other volunteers to work on landscaping and paths.  This is a great project celebrating the efforts of Union and Confederate soldiers who fought then and their descendants who want to honor them by erecting these monuments.

Please see the following sites for more information on the battlefield and preservation efforts:

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