Tuesday, August 30, 2011

US Army Heritage & Education Center (USAHEC)

The US Army Heritage & Education Center (USAHEC) is an excellent resource for Civil War researchers.  I've spent several days there over the past two years.  Their staff is wonderful to work with, and the facilities and research materials are top notch.   The Center is located in Carlisle, PA west of Harrisburg off Interstate Highway 81 and north of Gettysburg.  I heartily recommend a visit when you are in the area.

However, don't let its distance affect your use of its resources.  Allow me to take you on a virtual tour on its web-based resources.  At the top of  the home page, you will see a horizontal menu with the following topics: About USAHEC, Organizations, Plan Your Visit, Exhibitions, Research, Media Galleries, Get Involved, and Home.  These topics have drop-down menus  USAHEC is an excellent source for all Army information, but I want to concentrate on the Civil War resources.  Plan Your Visit contains directions operating hours, and events if you can travel to Carlisle.  Exhibitions contains information on current and past exhibits including the Army Heritage Trail.  After a day in the books, I enjoyed a walk along the trail to see the exhibits. 

Our first stop is the Media Galleries.  The Perspectives in Military History Lecture Series contains seven lectures of interest to students of the Civil War.  Under Photo Galleries you will find the MOLLUS Civil War Image Collection. with over 23,000 photographs.  On this site you will find the US Army Heritage Collections Online.  Within this area are a Research Catalog, Reference Bibliographies, and Digitized Material.  The Research Catalog is a searchable database. The Reference Bibliographies have three files devoted to the Civil War:  Civil War Unit Bibliographies, Civil War Union Biographies, and Civil War Confederate Biographies.  Under Digitized Material you will find searchable files of manuscripts/archives, photographs, military publications, audio visual, and oral histories.

I hope this brief introduction has whet your appetite. 

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