Thursday, August 18, 2011

Using Civil War Names

Have you been Shermanized?
Inspired by ABC's Good Morning America's report on texting, I decided to try my hand at forming verbs, adverbs, adjectives from the names of Civil War leaders.  Let the silliness begin.

Shermanized - the total destruction of property, i.e. "The fire shermanized the once beautiful forest" or "After the hostile takeover, the acquiring company quickly shermanized the firm shedding 20% of the workforce."

McClellanly - cautious, timid, i.e. "Frank mcclellanly approached the beautiful blond at the end of the bar."

Grantful - determined, dogged, relentless, i.e. "US Marshall Owens grantfully pursued the murderer until he found near Wichita Falls, Texas."

Granted - slander, libel, malign, i.e. "The defense attorney granted the witness with accusations of illegal drug use."

Sheridanistic - opportunistic, i.e "Black Mountain Finance's success was characterized by a series of sheridanistic investments."

Custerial - vain, egotistical, i.e. "John's superiors were impressed by his abilities, but could not tolerate his custerial behavior."

Smarthalleck - impertinent, sassy, cheeky, i.e. "Walter's classmates considered him a teacher's pet and a real smarthalleck for always knowing the answers."

Leeful - esteemed, honored, revered, i.e. "Reverend Johnson was leefully regarded in the McKinney community for his many charitable acts.

Jacksonly - aggressive, forceful, uncompromising, i.e. "Linda jacksonly pursued the vice president position inspite of the opposition of the all-male board of directors."

Longstreetish - defensive, protective, i.e. "Coach Ryan's longstreetish defense kept teams in check within the twenty-yard lines, but was susceptible to the big play."

Stuartly - flamboyant, charismatic, i.e. "Not only was Peter brilliant; he was also stuartly."

Johnstonish - stable, steady, constant, i.e. "As a quarterback, Sinclair was amazingly johnstonish, neither forcing throws into coverage or fumbling the ball."

Hooded - demoralized, defeated, i.e. "After the primary, a hooded former-Governor Smith dropped out of the Republican presidential campaign."

Forrestful - tough, gregarious, i.e. "The President's advisers wanted him to adopt a more forrestful persona."

Lincolnable - clever, resourceful, i.e. "Among her other traits, Betsy was considered a most lincolnable researcher."

Davisish -  contrive, plan, scheme, i.e.  "Rick was a davisish man who always considered all options before speaking"

Please add your own contributions.

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