Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gov. Perry Opposes Confederate License Plates

Texas Governor Rick Perry told a Florida TV station that he opposes a vanity license plate honoring the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He said that, "We don't need to be scraping old wounds."  His announcement runs counter to Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson who proposed the plate on behalf of Sons of Confederate Veterans to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

We commented in a recent blog on this issue.

The public outcry over the proposed plate includes a petition of 25,000 signatures and a letter signed by seventeen state lawmakers.

Perry's position is in contrast to his opposition to remove a pair of bronze plates with symbols of the Confederacy that were in the state Supreme Court building.  Perry said, "I believe that Texans should remember the past and learn from it."

It is uncertain whether Governor Perry was influenced by his fight for the Presidency or he feels that the plates are not the same as allowing Confederate plaques, monuments and memorials from public buildings.

As seen in our post on this subject, we regard them as different issues.  It is right for Texas to honor our Civil War dead and remember that sad time in our history.  Associating Texas with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, especially relative to the opposition, is an entirely different situation. Perry decided that it was not appropriate for Texas to link its name with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

We applaud Governor Perry on both positions.

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