Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Civil War Technology

I recently asked my fellow members of the LinkedIn Civil War Sesquicential Network "Which of the following scientific/technological inventions had the greatest impact on the Civil War?"

The members selected the rifled gun (41%) as their first choice, followed by using trains to transport troops (28%),  telegraph communications (15%), battlefield sanitation and triage (10%), and ironclad ships (5%).  The results are based on a 5.8% participation.

Other websites came up with the following ideas:

* Railroads, medicine, rifled musket and the minie ball - Hackman-Adams
* Photography, submarines, railroads, rifles and the minie ball - Civil War Academy
* Rifled gun, railroads, telegraph, ironclads  - - videos
* Rifled musket, telegraph, railroads - Technology and the Civil War
* Telegraph and aerial reconnaisance, railroads, ambulance corps, long-range weapons and the minie ball, the Gatling gun, ironclads, naval mines & torpedoes - History Detectives

Based on these surveyed websites, I selected the most prominent technologies for my poll.

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