Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Civil War Quiz Book by Joseph McCullough

The Civil War Quiz Book is terrific test of the reader's knowledge of the Civil War. The Osprey Quizmaster has compiled over 1,000 questions sure to challenge the most knowledgeable student.  The Civil War Quiz Book will find a welcome place at roundtables and reenactments.   Give a copy to that friend who seems to know everything about the North-South conflict. Better yet, test his knowledge with a few questions and enjoy that pained expression on his face when he doesn't know the answers.  The quiz book reminds us all that we are but humble students of history and we have much more to learn about the War Between the States. 

The Civil War Quiz Book is divided into four sections: Easy or one-star general knowledge, challenging or two-star general, difficult or three-star general, and impossible or four-star general.  The question format would be the pride of any high school teacher.  There are multiple choice, true or false, short answer, and match-up problems. 

Test your knowledge from these  four questions randomly selected from each section:
1.      Who lead the Confederate forces during the Cheat Mountain campaign?
a. Robert E. Lee, b. Joseph E. Johnston, c. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson or d. P. G. T. Beauregard
2.      In the Confederate Army, which was the lowest-ranking infantry officer officially allowed to keep horses?
a. lieutenant, b. captain, c. major, d. lieutenant-colonel
3.      Which Confederate ironclad sank the USS Southfield in 1864?
a. CSS Atlanta, b. CSS Nashville, c. CSS Virginia, d. CSS Albemarle
4.      Which former Union general became the first president of the National Rifle Association?
a. Joseph Hooker, b. Ambrose Burnside, c. John M. Schofield, d. Ulysses S. Grant
Thankfully, the answers are revealed after each section.
The Civil War Quiz Book was written by The Osprey Quizmaster.  The Osprey Quizmaster is the  nom de plume or maybe nom de query of  Joseph A. McCullough.  McCullough is a descendant of Colonel James McCullough of the16th South Carolina volunteers who was killed at Malvern Hill.   This is his third book for Osprey.
The answers to the four questions are shown below in eye-exam print font size.  I got two out four.  How did you do?
Answers 1. a., 2. c., 3. d., 4. b.

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