Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stonewall Jackson - "Coca-Cola Spokesman"

Who would think that Coke could enlist the help of Southern icon Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson in this advertisement from 1943.

"That Extra Something"

The copy reads:  1863 "Stonewall Jackson taught us what the pause that refreshes really means."

A new idea joined the army in "the sixties."  It was the rest pause ... with refreshment.  Here's what a Coca-Colar advertisement said about it in 1931: -

"Stonewall Jackson always got there first.  On the march he gave his men rations of sugar and at intervals required them to lie down for a short rest.  Thus he marched troops farther and faster than any other in the field.  Since his day all marching troops have been given a short rest period out of every hour."

I found this ad in an antique store in northeastern Georgia and "it called my name."

Have any of you found other Civil War generals selling things?  Please send them in so I can add them to the collection. 

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Here is some additional information on this advertisement.!