Thursday, March 27, 2014

Civil War Book Publishers

I have compiled a list of candidates in my quest for a publisher. I divided the prospects into three categories: publishing firms, academic presses, and self-publishing organizations. 

The major problem with publishing firms and academic presses is the lack of response.  In most cases you will not receive a confirmation that your inquiry letter or submission was received. You will generally only be contacted if the organization wants to see more of the work or the entire manuscript.  Compounding the author's problems is the lack of uniformity in the submission content. Happily the requirements are well-defined by most publishers.  Also some will accept e-mail letters of inquiry while others only want snail mail submissions. You may not hear anything in response to your submission. Regrettably, this puts the author in a state of literary purgatory.

The author may be tempted to try simultaneous submissions in an effort to get his work published. Kathryn Lively presents a good perspective on the subject in Are Simultaneous Submissions a Good Idea?  My thoughts are to carefully check the publisher's statement on exclusive reviews. Some issue statements while others don't mention the subject.  It also seems reasonable that submissions requiring longer and more exhaustive review processes should be sent on an exclusive basis. It would also be a good idea to include a phrase ("until when") in the letter stating the term of the exclusivity. In this respect, authors may wish to send proposals earlier in the writing stage.  This has to be weighed against having enough material to send the publisher who wants a nearly finished product.  Any way you consider the process, the publishing house controls the outcome.  The happy alternative is that authors have the opportunity to self-publish their work.  I would like to hear from readers on their experiences with publishers.

The following are publishers that I am considering for my biography of C. F. Smith.

Publishing firms: Profit is the main emphasis with these organizations. They want books that will sell well and not cost too much to print. These organizations may be more aggressive in marketing your book than academic publishers.  Some of these publishers require peer reviews.  

1 Savas Beatie LLC - Civil War Regimental Histories - Submissions

2 McFarland and Company - Civil War Books - Submissions

3 The History Press - 149 books - Submissions

4 Roman and Littlefield Publishers - 100 books - Submissions

5 Stackpole Books - 66 books - Submissions

6 Thomas Publications - 40 books with focus on Gettysburg - Submissions

7 Westholme Publishers - 18 books - Submissions

 8 ABC-CLIO Praeger - 18 books - Greenwood Publishing Group

9 Potomac Books - A subsidiary of the University of Nebraska Press -17 books - Submissions

10 Casemate Publishing  - Military Books and 13 Civil War books - Submissions

11 Schiffer Publishing - 13 books - Submissions

12 Pelican Publishing - 10 books - Submissions

13 Oxford University Press - 9 books - Submissions

14 Arcade Publishing - 9 books - Submissions

15 Prometheus Books - 7 books -

16 Angel Valley Press - 5 books - Submissions
17 Regenery History - 4 books - Submissions

Academic presses: The emphasis with these publishers is scholarly merit. They tend to focus on promoting faculty contributions. They also seem to favor work that deals with people and regiments from the state and battles in the state. You will see what I mean if you click on some of the links. The academic press has a rigorous review process that helps ensure a scholarly document but takes a long time to complete. 

1 LSU PressCivil War Section - Submissions

2 University of North Carolina Press - Civil War Section - Submissions

3 University Press of Kansas - Civil War Section - Submissions

4 Indiana University Press - Civil War Section - Submissions

5 Kent State University Press - Civil War Section - Submissions

6 University of Tennessee Press - Civil War Section - Submissions

7 University of Missouri Press - Civil War Section - Submissions

8 Texas A&M Press - 301 books - Submissions

9 University of Nebraska Press - 258 books - Submissions

10 University Press of Kentucky - 229 books - Submissions

11 University of Florida Press - 166 books - Submissions

12 Fordham University Press - 64 books - Submissions

13 Mercer University Press - 64 titles - Submissions

14 University of Iowa Press - 40 books - Submissions

15 University of Georgia Press - 16 books - Submissions

16 Ohio University Press - 9 books - Submissions

17 University of North Texas - 8 books - Submissions

18 Princeton University Press - 7 books - Submissions

19 Farleigh Dickinson Press - 6 books - Submissions

20 Cornell University Press - 4 books - Submissions

21 University of Oklahoma Press - Some titles - Submissions

Self-publishing: Self-publishing is gaining popularity as the publishing business evolves. It is fairly easy to do and provides the author with total control of format and content.  

1 CreateSpace - Self-publishing - Print what you submit

2 Book-Surge Publishers - Self-publishing - Print what you submit

3 Lulu Press Inc. - Self-publishing - Print what you submit


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