Wednesday, June 4, 2014

13th Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A. -"Caudill's Army"

The history of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry or "Caudill's Army" is presented in great detail by the Ben Caudill Camp No. 1629.  The book includes the entire roster (143 pages) of the Confederate unit including 13 pages of pictures of some of its members.

The 13th Kentucky began its life in September 1861 as the 5th Kentucky Infantry.  A local farmer and preacher, Ben E. Caudill was elected captain of Company F. In October 1862 the enlistment time expired for most of the men and moist of them were recruited to join the10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles under Colonel Caudill. The unit soon adopted the nickname "Caudill's Army."  The regiment was not reorganized and renamed the 13th Kentucky Cavalry until March 1865.

The regimental history presents detailed descriptions including maps of the many battles in which the unit was engaged. In 1862, they fought in the battles of Leatherwood, Poor Folk, Wallins Creek, Mill Cliff, and First Whitesburg. In 1863, they skirmished at Camp Cumberland and fought at Gladeville, Blue Springs, Henderson's Mill, Rheatown, Pugh's Hill, and Blountville. They participated in Captain Everette's raid into Kentucky in November and December. The 10th fought at First and Second Jonesville, Chavies, Cove Mountain, Colley Creek,Mt. Sterling, Cynthiana, Laurel Gap, First Saltville, and Cranes Nest, Bull's Gap, and Marion in 1864. Their last engagements were at Harlan Courthouse in March and First and Second Wytheville in April.

The book also contains sections on The Branson Slayings, Daniel Noble, the Execution of Gilbert Creech, and the regiment's association with General John Morgan. 

Copies of the regimental history can be purchased from the Ben Caudill Camp No. 1629 at their Regimental Store. The price is $21.97 which includes shipping.

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Thanks for posting this - I’m a direct descendent of Capt Anderson Hays / Hayes - I’m looking forward to reading the book -