Friday, July 8, 2016

A Sad Day in Dallas

Our thoughts and prayers are with the the families and friends of the Dallas Police Department and Dart Police officers who were killed or wounded in last night's tragic events. We wish the wounded officers and civilians speedy recovery. This is yet another instance of gun violence that has become an epidemic in America.

The ambush occurred at the conclusion of a peaceful demonstration in response to deaths of Blacks by law enforcement officials. THE AMBUSH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEACEFUL PROTEST. The sniper(s) took advantage of a situation where they knew police officers would be present and planned the attack.

This event closes a difficult week for our country. Blacks were killed in two separate situations. This behavior by officers should not be viewed as representative of American law enforcement. These actions should be investigated by independent Federal agencies. At the same time, members of the communities affected by questionable law enforcement behavior should continue to keep the event in the public view through peaceful actions.

Black lives matter. Gay lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter. Please pray for our community.

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