Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3, 1863 - Gettysburg - Pickett's Charge

North Carolina Monument
On the 155th Anniversary of Pickett's Charge in the Battle of Gettysburg, I stepped off from Seminary Ridge with General J. Johnston Pettigrew's North Carolinians.  We walked briskly in the hot and humid mid afternoon weather of that July 3 day. There was no artillery barrage to soften the center of the Union position. Instead of Winfield S. Hancock's Second Corps, the "troops" that awaited us that afternoon were a mixture of spectators, reenactors, and living historians.

Generals discuss coming attack
Others join the march

Forces on Cemetery Ridge
Other Confederate Forces
under General Pickett

Marching with the
North Carolinians
Police stop traffic as we
cross Emmitsville Road
As in the actual battle we "marched" briskly across the open field until we reached the Emmitsburg Road.  We paused at the fence and prepared to make our "final rush" to Cemetery Ridge.

Copse of trees on Cemetery Ridge

Led by our officers we
advanced on the Union position

Unlike the actual battle, we were well received by both Union and Confederate officers (living historians) as we reached the Union line between Ziegler's Grove and the Copse of Trees.

Union officers waited for our arrival
Confederate forces reach
Cemetery Ridge

Confederate officers

We were well received
by Union Commnaders


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